Monday, 25 September 2017

Sand Castle Community, Ontario

If I don't call the police my neighbor will

On our way from Toronto to Algonquin Park, we were  curious about the waterfront houses that we could see from the highway. As many of you already know Ontario is famous for its infinity of lakes, in fact during our drive we could see so many of beautiful water facing residences. This has intrigued us and we decided to exist at the next coming town to have a brief look closer. So we got into Sand Castel, 90 minutes north of Toronto. It was a tiny village or community well maintained with not more that fifty houses one next to other. The first strange thing that we have noticed was there were no common parking lots. So we didn't know where to park our car. We drove and drove around the village without finding a place, all of them were private. It was like you are not welcome if you are not one of us! There were no body around so we couldn't ask for help or directions. We then decided to leave our car by the road at the entrance of Sand Castel. As soon as we got out of the vehicle we so these boards signs that you can see on my picture here. One of those was saying neighborhood WATCH community. If I don't call the police my neighbor will! Oh my Gosh, it was so threatening. Suddenly while we were realizing what was happening there,  a man between 50 and60 years old came closer and asked if we were living in Sand Castel. We said him we were there just to walk around the lake. He didn't seem so happy! After just some steps towards the lake we saw some old people preparing barbecue and eating hot dogs. They were not interested on our presence. Nobody said something, they ignored us totally. The same old man who talked to us first stopped us while we tried to cross the park where the others were eating.  He said to use the pathway that we have never found. That man was a bit wary. No doubt, we were not welcome at all. We letf the park and went away from them in order to find the pathway to the lake. There were no pathways, access to it seemed possible only from the houses. Somehow we managed to get close to the lake but haven't been so easy. On our way back to our car we met another old man with a small dog. He asked if we have bought a house in Sand Castle, because some houses have been sold the week before to strangers and he hasn't met the neighbors yet. We answered that we were travelers from Italy and that casually we were in Sand Castle. He talked a lot with us about his daughter, his dog and he suggested us to try poutine. Even if he said a lot he maintained his strict position while talking to us. He said that some people there have their residences meanwhile some others like him have their summer houses in Sand Castel. Most of them are aged between 50 and 80 or more. When we left him we met a couple getting back home from the barbecue. They also stopped a while asking if we have bought a house there. We gave the the aswer as first. They were a kind of just married couple who have decided to buy a house in Sand Castle at their second marriage. In Fact this is what the community seemed to me, aged ones living happily ever after!  Now I don't know if suggesting this visit to you readers. Because you are not welcome there. But I can say that it has been an interesting pause of our voyage to Algonquin Park. In case your curiosity takes you to Sand Castle say them immediately that you are a tourist, I have noticed that their attitude changed when hearing this sentence,  they then seemed most likely to welcome us. There is an other way of course: buy a spectacular waterfront residence located in the prestigious community of Sand Castle Estates, that leads to a pathway, ashoreline fire pit and extensive perennial gardens. 

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